Photobooth Hire

The Bondy's Package

The Bondy's Package is a family favourite as it includes our Silent Disco system which includes X100 headsets and 3 channels of your own music, our LED Display Board and two of our British Post Boxes for 4 hours of hire.


For this package just plug in 3 of your devices (maximum) with up to 3 playlists of different music and we'll set the silent disco system so you can party all night long 


This package is a must have to make any event a success. You'll always make an entrance with this package!

Book now and save £160!

Wedding Post Box

The Decorative package

The Decorative package is a beautiful package to help make any venue look amazing!

This package includes two of our British Post boxes, one being a  classic red and the other in white . As well as having two British post boxes to collect cards and small gifts at your event you will also have your own personal and customisable LED Display Board with your own personal message for all your guests to see

This is a great package, that will help make your venue look absolutely stunning!

Book now and save £90!

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The Smiley's Package

The Smiley's Package is specifically designed to put a smile on you and your guests faces. 

This package includes two of our main products, which are the Silent Disco and Light Display Board for hire.

This is an amazing package, that you and your guests will love.

Photobooth image 37.jpg

Photo Booth Hire

Our beautiful, modern photobooths are a great way to get everyone together.


Our Photobooths have been physically tested by the University of Coventry, so you know that you will get the best quality photobooths on the market. 

Our Photobooths can be designed as a photo pod if you are short of space. (similar to the Magic Mirror product).

Book Now for your photobooth at your next event! 




Silent Disco Hire

Our Silent Disco headsets are a new and great way to listen to your favourite music at an event. 

Once your first dance is finished at a wedding (for example), we can then handle the music for the rest of the night! Simply ask your guests to grab a pair of headphones and party the night away. We don't interrupt your favourite music, that's why we don't do any cheesy talking that interrupts your night, unlike a DJ. Just listen to great music of your choice and sing and dance the night away!


Say goodbye to the music restrictions at events, no need to back up the music by 9:00pm due to noise restrictions. With our silent disco headsets, you won't disturb neighbours, meaning you can party all night long.

We can create up to 3 playlists for each channel. You could have 70's and 80's music on one channel, Club classics and modern tunes. Or create your own playlist, and we can provide all the equipment for you at your event.


Book now for your silent disco system at your next event 



Display Board .jpg

LED Display Board Hire

Our LED Display Boards are fantastic for all types of events. You can fully customize the LED board to display your own personal message for your guests to see. 

This is a strong and beautiful looking feature specifically designed for your event. It is a new product on the market, a major upgrade to the light box, with a much brighter, larger and stunning design when compared with the light box. 

Choose your message with 60 red letters, 60 black letters, 20 numbers (0-9) and a variety of punctuation marks. 

You can have your names up in lights for everyone to see. So book now for your LED Display Board at your next event



British post box 1.jpg

British Post Box Hire

Our Classic British Post Boxes are a great way to collect cards, small presents, notes, letters etc. at your event. 

These British Post Boxes are absolutely stunning and really make the venue that much more  special by creating a beautiful and rustic feel. Choose between the classic red British Post Box, or change it up and go for an elegant white post box, or choose both types for your event.

The post boxes are secure and safe which can be locked to protect the items within the post boxes.

Collect from us or we can set up the British Post Boxes at your event 


So instead of leaving your cards and small presents on the side which could potentially get damaged, or stolen. Hire out a British Post Box for your next event!



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