Dockerill's Event Services 

"Incredibly professional at all times"

At Dockerill's we have 4 leading services on offer which you can book now for your upcoming events.


We have a wide variety of packages as well, which combines amazing and entertaining services all at a competitive price. 

The services that we have on offer which you can purchase are:


Click on the links above to look at these services in greater detail. 

For all services we require:

  • A minimum space of 2.5 meters height, 3 meters length, 3 meters width  for the photo booth

  • Each service requires to be close to a plug 

  • Connection to a WIFI network

  • A suitable placement to put the British Post Boxes

  • A suitable space to put the Display Board 

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Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Peterborough and local areas. UK