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Silent Disco System for Hire

"extremely impressed"

Dockerill's Silent disco headset system is a fantastic modern twist to the party and entertainment scene. Long are the days where you are screaming to the person next to you to have a conversation when the DJ is playing too loud. Long are the days where you receive complaints of the music being too loud and the restrictions that you have at your event e.g. Music needs to be turned off by 10:00pm. With silent disco headsets  you can party all night long. 

Once your first dance is finished at a wedding (for example), we can then handle the music for the rest of the night! Simply ask your guests to grab a pair of headphones and party the night away. We don't interrupt your favourite music, that's why we don't do cheesy talking that spoils your night from the music, like a DJ could. Just listen to great music of your choice and sing and dance the night away! For those who have never heard of a "silent disco" it is that little bit quirky and unique.  Plus, a silent disco isn't just for the" young generation". It is suitable for ALL generations. Let me explain..... For instance you may be planning a family party, let's say an 18th or 21st party for instance. How many parties have you been to where the DJ is playing music so loudly you can't hear yourself think, let alone hear what the person next to you is saying. You end up giving up on a conversation because a) you can't hear what the person is saying, b) you have lost your voice from shouting to make yourself heard, c) you have ringing in your ears from the loud music. Or all of the above!  Of course everyone can have a  headset - young or old and listen to their favourite music from different eras. Or have a dance with a headset on - the choice is yours. 

We have 3 different transmitters so you and your guests can listen to 3 different channels of music, meaning that everyone can dance and sing to their favourite type of music, whether it be 60's - 80's classic music, 90's tracks, or the latest hits.

What makes the silent disco so great, is that there are no rules when it comes to playing music at your event. Most venues demand that the music must be switched off as early as 10:00pm due to the local residents. However, because you're  listening to these super comfortable headphones, there is no loud noise pollution, and as I have already mentioned, you can also talk to other guests with ease, no need to scream and loose your voice. 

Other reasons to purchase the silent disco headsets include:  

  • Suitable for a wide range of events, like parties, Proms, cooperate events, fundraisers etc.

  • The Silent Disco system is a great way for family friends and guests to bond.

  • The silent disco system can be played anywhere at anytime , our playlists can be played offline so no need for WIFI.

  • This is a unique service making any event stand out. 

  • This is considerably cheaper and less hassle when compared with a standard DJ.

  • Your event, your music, choose the music you want to play whether it be your playlist or our playlist. 

  • There are no time and noise restrictions with the silent disco system.

  • No licence restrictions -Some venues don't have the rights to broadcast music at their venues, however the silent disco system is suitable for all venues with no licence restrictions. 

  • No need to shout over the music, so you can talk with ease.

  • The silent disco is easy to set up with no need for endless wires. 

  • Great fun and memorable. its amazing to see all your guests dancing and singing to their favourite songs. 

  • The headphones are extremely comfortable, making you feel as if you're  not wearing the headphones.

  • The silent disco headsets are the future when listening to music at your events.

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