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British Post Boxes for Hire

"made my night great and unforgettable"

Our classic British Post Boxes are a great and useful way to collect cards, small presents, notes, letters for your event.

We have two beautiful and elegant Post boxes, one in the classic ruby red post boxes and the other in an elegant White colour design.


Simply tell us whether you would like the Classic post box,the new white post box or both, we will set up  the post boxes at your event. Your guests can simply post their cards, small presents, notes, letters etc. We will collect these and deliver them to you at the end of the event. 

Other reasons as to why you should purchase a post box for your event includes:

  • Beautiful touch for any event.

  • Cheaper than other competitors.

  • Beautiful British and rustic feel.

  • A classic retro British item.

  • A useful product for your event.

  • A safe place to keep them, prevent items becoming lost or stolen. 

This is an incredibly useful service for your event, so book now to ensure you have post boxes at your event.