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Light Display Board for Hire

"Great service"

Display Boards are a great way to publicise and inform guests of your event. Our beautiful Display boards are a great way to showcase your occasion. The Display Boards will fit any venue making your event special. 


We love these Display boards not only because they add a stunning piece to your event, but also it is a new concept on the existing light box, making this a new service to the market. Our boards are of a much higher quality when compared with the lightbox. The boards are bigger, brighter and much more beautiful. 


You can fully customize your message on our Display board. Let us know what message you would like to be displayed on the board, and we can create this for you in advance of your event. We have 60 red and 60 black letters,  20 numbers (0-9) and a variety of punctuation marks. Once we have confirmed your booking, you will need to send us an email with your customised message, including any punctuation marks, symbols etc. 


Here are some great  reasons as to why you should purchase our Display Board ;

  • A modern version of the display box.

  • Suitable for any type of event.

  • Beautiful bright light bulbs both inside the light display board and round the border of the light display board, helping it make your message stand out.

  • No other company uses this type of display board.

  • Other companies use cheaper cinema boxes, not these high-quality custom designed Display boards.

  • Other competitors use cheaper versions of the display boards.

  • Beautiful equipment to inform guests of any information that they might need to know.

  • Fully flexible with a choice of message (keep it clean).

  • Includes symbols and numbers to create a friendly feel.

  • Beautifully designed to make the event look nice, which doesn’t look out of place.


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