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Dockerill's USP's 

  • We're one of the cheaper options when compared with our competitors.

  • We have great quality products that have been tested. We focus on quality to make your event successful. We want to focus on quality as much as possible that’s why we purchase from the best suppliers.

  • We offer a variety of services when compared to businesses who solely offer single services, such as just photo booths, so you can simply go to one business for all of your entertainment needs saving you time money and energy trawling through websites.

  • We cover a wide range of events, and we can try to specifically design and tailor our services to suit your event.

  • We can serve to a wide variety of locations, such as  Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough. 

  • We've got great referrals and reviews from previous customers.  

  • Our process is quick and simple, meaning less stress and hassle for you.  

  • We offer freebies and discounts with combined sales.  

  • We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to help make you feel happy and to make your event a success.

  • Flexible – we can adapt our services for your personal event.

  • We’re a small business – which means we’re more passionate and determined to make your event successful. As we’re a small business, we want to hear your feedback, what did we do well, what could be improved and what other services would you like to see in the future.

  • Our business is a family business so caring about our customers is important to us. A larger company may not always have the time to listen to what their customers consider important, so minimal care is often given to its customers. But rest assured, we take pride in listening to our customers.

  • We accept a wide range of payment options.

  • We have liability insurance so we are professional and safe.

  • Many businesses don’t offer a single hour service, however, as we are flexible we can offer a 1 hour service.

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