Great service made my night great and unforgettable

At Dockerill's we want to make your event that extra bit special. Something that you can reminisce over,  with  nostalgic memories that will last a lifetime. That's why we use some of the top quality products in the UK, for your event.


As well as providing you with some of the top quality products available on the market, we want to offer these services at a fair and reasonable price.That's why we have researched and compared prices with our competitors and have implemented a price which we think you will love. 


Check out our entertainment services and get in contact with us about booking one of our  packages  for your event. 

What makes us different from the competition?

  • We will have multiple entertainment products, compared with other businesses that specifically focus on one type of product e.g. photobooths etc. 

  • Our friendly nature makes us easy to talk to, which can easily help you to customize your own event.

  • We can adapt our products and services to suit a wide range of events, instead of simply focusing on a single market.

  • Have a specific requirement? Tell us about it, we will do our very best to accommodate this specific requirement. Want to take your pets with you inside the photobooth; sure we can help with that.

  • We have some of the most unique products that others haven’t got on offer. For example our LED display boards, there are few other people offering our top quality service for your event.

  • Our products are tested for safety, and are professionally tested. This guarantees the top quality of products on the market suited for your event. E.g. The photobooth is tested by a top university.

Tent in Lights

Our Promises

  • We use some of the top quality products to make your event a success

  • We love our services as they are packed with fun entertainment and enjoyment for all of your guests

  • Our products are some of the safest and most tested products on the market, suitable for your event

  • We guarantee a competitive price on our services. (When compared with other competitors)